ACAW Asian Contemporary Art Week 2011
March 21, 2011

ACAW is organized by Asian Contemporary Art Consortium:

Melissa Chiu and Miwako Tezuka, Asia Society and Museum;
Shumita Bose, Bose Pacia;
Agnes Hsu, China Institute;
Ethan Cohen, Ethan Cohen Fine Arts;
Jean Kim, Gana Art Gallery;
Jack Shainman, Jack Shainman Gallery;
Joe Earle, Japan Society;
Esa Epstein, sepia EYE;
Alexandra Munroe and Sandhini Poddar, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum;
Barbara London, The Museum of Modern Art;
Thomas Erben, Thomas Erben Gallery;
Tyler Rollins, Tyler Rollins Fine Arts;
Jack & Susy Wadsworth, Collectors;
Xiaoming Zhang, Private Art Dealer and Consultant;

Leeza Ahmady, ACAW Director (Independent Curator)

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