Associated Content Vinegar Hill Art Gallery to Host Street Artist Exhibit
November 2, 2010
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Brooklyn street artist Aakash Nihalani is taking over the Bose Pacia art gallery at 163 Plymouth Street in Vinegar Hill.

The Master of masking-tape will show his photographs, sculpture, painting, interactive digital imagery, and of course, tape installations.

Vinegar Hill Art Gallery to Host Street Artist Exhibit
Neighborhood: Vinegar Hill
Brooklyn, NY 11201
United States of America

Nihalani's work consists primarily of isometric shapes that highlight the existing geometry of the public space. The Bose Pacia gallery writes of Nihalani's work, saying "With the aid of fluorescent tape, the artist highlights and emphasizes elements of layering and depth already present in the urban environment. By drawing on points of urban design and architecture (bricks, grates, doorways, sidewalks, scaffolding, etc.) endemic to that setting, Nihalani creates playful opportunities for passersby to interact with the often ignored environment and to find intrigue in mundane spaces."

Nihalani's artwork can be found all over Brooklyn, though many of the tape installations are temporary--either removed through general human activity or by street cleaners and public employees. The space at Bose Pacia will have both temporary works that highlight the geometry of the environment, but also permanent works.

For pictures and images of Nihalani's work around Brooklyn and beyond, visit his website. The link is below.

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