Associated Content The Geometric Poetry of Aakash Nihalani in Vinegar Hill
November 1, 2010
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Aakash Nihalani is an artist like no other, creating new dimensions with negative space utilizing a brightly colored version of the kind of tape that NYPD forensic specialists use to mark victims positions at homicide scenes.

The Geometric Poetry of Aakash Nihalani in Vinegar Hill
Neighborhood: Vinegar Hill
New York, NY 11201
United States of America

His geometric poetry graces the unexpected corners and street pavements of the city, Nihalani wants to "offer people a chance to step into a different New York than they are used to seeing, and in turn, momentarily escape from routine schedules and lives."

His isometric rectangles and squares also adorn his sculptures, paintings and prints which convey another dimension through his eclectic use of color and form. His new exhibition titled 'Overlap' will be featured at Bose Pacia gallery in Vinegar Hill from November 4 - December 18, 2010.

You can view more of his work on his website and Facebook page.

Bose Pacia
163 Plymouth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(212) 989 7074
Open Tuesday - Saturday
11.00 am - 6.00 pm

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