Pushpamala N

Platform The Pond

"'The Pond' is one of the images from my new series of works called 'Abduction (Apaharana)' in which a 'Rakshasa' abducts a Princess."


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Financial Times (London) "How to Spend"

Interview with Nature Morte Owner/Director Peter Nagy and New Delhi-based contemporary Art Collector Nitin Bhayana discussing contemporary South Asian photography.

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Art Asia Pacific Still Moving Image

"When the Devi Art Foundation opened its exhibition space in the New Delhi suburb of Gurgaon on August 30, 2008, it felt as if India's very own Super Collider had finally become operational."


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The New York Times Paris Autumn

"Pushpamala N. is a performance artist whose work appears as photographs."


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Saffronart Paris Autumn

"This autumn, Chelsea gallery, Bose Pacia, has risen admirably to the challenge set forth by artist Pushpamala N. by assuming a Moulin Rouge garb for her show Paris Autumn, on view till October 25th."


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Hermitage India: Moving Out Into the World

"Contemporary art practice in India today reflects the diversity of the country itself. From its northern tip of Kashmir to its southern state of Kerala, the diversity mirrors the differences to be found between, for example, Lapland and Sicily. As large as all of Europe, the Indian subcontinent embodies an unequaled range of cultural pluralism, religious traditions and politics, clothing and architectural styles, cuisines, languages, faces and music all change dramatically from state to state."


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ArtIndia An Evening in Paris

"A woman lives in an apartment in a prettily crumbling quarter of Paris. One day (to the accompaniment of scary music) she notices a strange presence..."

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Modern Painters New Delhi New Wave

"Released this month from the Bologna publishers Damiani Editore, this collection of both familiar and up-and-coming Indian artists presents a spectrum of fascinating working practices -- Bharti Kher's giant elephant sculpture covered with an intricately painted sperm pattern, Pushpamala N's fierce self-portraits as Indian 'others'..."

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ArtiT Pushpamala N

"'What was this woman feeling in this situation?'asked Pushpamala N's collaborator Claire Arni during an interview about their Native Women of South India: Manners and Customs. This series of photographs replicates..."


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Art in India An Evening in Paris

"Pushpamala N. turns detective in her new film, set in winding streets of the city lights."


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Apt Insight Modern Marks.India

"India is capturing the attention of entrepreneurs, investors, arbitrators of culture and journalists from around the world."


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Art Asia Pacific Book Review

Memory, Metaphor, Mutations: Contemporary Art of India and Pakistan


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Art India Outside the Dark Room

"Shukla Sawant assesses some of the significant uses to which Photography has been put in recent times."


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Artforum On the Ground: Mumbai

"At the Kabutarkhana intersection, a major traffic nexus in Mumbai, thousands of lights sparkle on buildings silhouetted against the night sky."


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ArtFacts Pushpamala N. - Native Women of South India - Manners and Customs

"November 2006 New York - Bose Pacia Gallery presents Native Women of South India: Manners and Customs"


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Le Monde Pushpamala N

"Indienne née à Bangalore en 1956, Pushpamala N est invitée à séjourner à Paris à l'automne 2005. Elle loge dans une vieille maison du Marais..."

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Art AsiaPacific Pushpamala N

"The photo-romances seen in Bangalore artist Pushpamala N.'s solo debut in New York quickly bring to mind the early work of Cindy Sherman, albeit with a real difference..."

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Art India Made in India

"Devika Singh visits and exhibition that showcases the plurality of contemporary Indian art practices to a French audience."


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Art Asia Pacific Outsource This: The Cutting Edge of Indian Art

"To neatly sum up today's trends in art from all of India is no easy task."


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The Hindu Heroic or the Mock Heroic

"This week, GAYATRI SINHA takes you through Pushpamala N's performative works with a rather Brechtian interjection, and Anju Dodiya's painted figures, which are both literary and heroic..."

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Voice Choices ShortList

"Pushpamala N"


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New York Times Pushpamala N

"Photography and filmmaking arrived in India immediately after their invention in Europe, which is one reason South Asia has such a long history of sophisticated work in both media..."

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Deccan Herald Exploring the boundaries

At the crux of this novel initiative is an attempt to explore the boundaries between identities and to expose photography as a tool for creating and perpetuating a stereotypes, says SHUBA SRIKANTH.

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The Hindu Performance Photography

Pushpamala N.'s proves a natural to performance photography, provoking alternate ways of seeing and art-making..."

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Art AsiaPacific Pushpamala N

"Pushpamala N.'s three recent series of performance photographs are preoccupied with fantasy and the visual forms that can serve a its trigger, or catalyst..."

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Art India Altered Egos

"Girish Shahane explores the insight into identity provided by current art practice, and discusses its ideological foundations."


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Art India The Art of Humor

"Abhay Sardesai examines the various ways in which humor has been produced and the diverse uses Indian artists have put to it."


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The New York Times Art in Review: Heat

"Popular cinema in India - and, more recently, Indian television - is famous for its extravagant visual effects and sex-and-violence plots."


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The Hindu Portrait of an artist as an actress

"What's real? What isn't? The borderlines flex, curve, and snap to the tune of Pushpamala's imagination as she plays with stereotypical images and alters them. ADITI DE is struck by how the artist's photo narratives question the given frameworks from within..."

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Art News Magazine A Labyrinth of Overlapping Concerns

Peter Nagy evaluates the curatorial choices of Gulammohammed Sheikh and Dr. Jyotindra Jain in putting together an exhibiton which blurs the visual boundaries between home, street, shrine, bazaar and museum."


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Presentation House Gallery Pushpamala N.

"Phantom Lady or Kismet, a Photoromance"


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Secular Practice Exhibition Recent Art From India

"The work of Sheela Gowda and Pushpamala N is presented as part of Secular
Practice: Recent Art from India, an exhibition of nine contemporary artists from India
that is taking place at three Montreal artist-run centres in addition to La Centrale. "


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Ideal Times Interview with N. Rajyalakshmi

"NR: Miss Pushpamala, for the last few years you have been getting photographs taken of yourself and exhibiting them. Are you a narcissist? "

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Art India Sculpture at the Edge

"Indian sculpture has undergone a radical transformation in form, theme and context, over the last decade. Nancy Adajania traces the main trajectories of this revolution and locates them in a historical context."


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Art India The Usual Suspects

"A look at Indian representation at international exhibitons reveals that the same artists are repeatedly featured."


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Art India Is the Message in the Medium?

"The process of still photography came before the next logical development - cinema - which is, after all photography in motion."


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