Ranbir Kaleka

Live Mint Translating the Holocaust through Indian Eyes

"Why has a Jewish museum hired Ranbir Kaleka, a Punjabi with a different take on the
Middle East, to create a permanent installation piece on the Holocaust?"

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Live Mint No Solance In The Imagined

"Ranbir Kaleka’s vivid and unsettling takes on the human condition."


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Indian Express Amazing View

"Ranbir Kaleka's exhibition marvelously brings together elements of painting and sculpture."


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Art Asia Pacific Still Moving Image

"When the Devi Art Foundation opened its exhibition space in the New Delhi suburb of Gurgaon on August 30, 2008, it felt as if India's very own Super Collider had finally become operational."


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ArtIndia Event, Metaphor, Memory

"Ranbir Kaleka has had a busy two years. A solo show of his video installations ran at Bose Pacia New York from March 20th to April 26th 2008, and in 2007, the Jewish Museum in Chicago commissioned him to make a multi-media installation especially for their premises. Latika Gupta catches up with the veteran artist..."

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Art Asia Pacific Ranbir Kaleka: Fables from the House of Ibaan: stage - 1

"At first glance, the three works in 'Fables from the House of Ibaan: stage - 1' could be mistaken for exquisite oil-on-canvas painting or straightforward examples of video art."


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Live Mint

"Another fantastic show by a well-known artist was Punjabi-born Ranbir Kaleka’s
marriage-transmutation really-of painting and video at Bose Pacia gallery."


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Asian Art News Ranbir Kaleka at Bose Pacia

"In an art world filled with numerous hybrids of medium and material, Ranbir Kaleka, a well-regarded Indian artist who has participated in several international exhibitions including the '2005 Venice Biennale' stands out because he creates unique and mesmerizing entities that are much more than just clever blends of painting and video."


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EGO Fables from the House of Ibaan

"The first part of Ranbir Kaleka’s exhibition Fables from the House of Ibaan: stage 1 at
Bose Pacia is a careful negotiation between the precision of the waking world and the fluid quality of dreams."


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Art India Dressed to Kill

"The Devi Art Foundation has changed the face of the contemporary Indian art world."


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Dennis Matthews Painting Ranbir Kaleka @ Bose Pacia

"Bose Pacia presents Fables from the House of Ibaan: stage –1, an exhibition of new work by Ranbir Kaleka."

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Art AsiaPacific Indian Artist Commemorates Holocaust with New Commission

"A Holocaust memorial by New Delhi-based painter and video artist, Ranbir kaleka, is now a permanen ficture at the recently opened headquarters of Chicago's Spertus Institute for Jewish Studies, inaugurated in November 2007..."

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The Indian Express Video Ga Ga

"54-year-old artist Ranbir Kaleka's video world is full of lingering shadows, sunbeams streaking across lengthy corridors and a sense of loss and resurrection, all seen through a brightly coloured acrylic overlapped on a video, with tinkling music in the background"

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Art India Spitting Image; Spitting Image

"Niharika Dinkar checks out how Ranbir Kaleka continues his project of facilitating an encounter between painting and video."


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The New York Times Reaching Out With a Flourish of Indian Art

"In presenting “India: Public Places, Private Spaces — Contemporary Photography and Video Art,” the Newark Museum set an ambitious task for itself: to dazzle visitors while reaching out to New Jersey’s growing South Asian community."


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Art India Dead-End Narratives or Open-Ended Stories?

"Deirdre King separates myth from reality at an exhibition of contemporary Indian art in Chicago."


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New Narratives Ranbir Kaleka

"Ranbir Kaleka refers to 'Crossings' as: 'a magico-realist drama of private lives and historical engagements with a smudging of boundaries which bring reality into fantasy and fantasy into our reality."


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Art In America Ranbir Kaleka at Bose Pacia

"Born in 1953 in Punjab, Ranbir Kaleka is based in Delhi."


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Art Asia Pacific Ranbir Kaleka

"Since transitioning from painting to video in the 1990's, Ranbir Kaleka has used video as a tool for material innovation."


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The New York Times Art and Architecture: The New York Scene

"Visions From Nigeria and India And a Van Searching for Utopia"


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The New York Times Ranbir Kaleka

"Ranbir Kaleka's contribution to "Edge of Desire: Recent Art in India" at the Queens Museum of Art last year was a colorful little tent holding a pulpit-shaped ministage and folding chairs."


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Village Voice Painter Ranbir Kaleka Dreams His Characters Into Action

"You can stare all you want at a painting, trying to daydream its characters into action, but only a sorcerer like Ranbir Kaleka can make it happen."


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"(iCON) is, by far, the most enticing collection at the Biennale. Its centerpiece is Crossings; Two Stories, a four-screen DVD projection by the well-known Indian painter Ranbir Kaleka."


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Art India Art En Route

"A petrol station on the Delhi-Jaipur highway is the location of 'Boxwallahs', an experiment in taking art into a public space."


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ArtIndia Spectres of the Real

"Ranbir Kaleka's most recent artwork, Man Threading Needling (1999), is presented to the viewer as a painting set on a good easel and placed in a darkened alcove of what is presumably the white box of the museum or gallery..."

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Miscellaneous Collection of Articles 1987-2003

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