Raqs Media Collective

e-flux Now and Elsewhere

"We would like to begin by taking a sentence from the formulation of the problem that set
the ball rolling for this lecture series. In speaking of the 'hesitation in developing any
kind of comprehensive strategy' for understanding precisely what it is that we call
contemporary art today (in the wake of the last twenty years of contemporary art
activity), the introduction to the series speaks of its having 'assumed a fully mature
form—and yet it still somehow refuses to be historicized as such.'"


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Guardian Exhibition Preview: Raqs Media Collective, Birmingham

"When The Scales Fall From Your Eyes is an installation of glass cast busts mounted with heads of weighing scales."


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Art Asia Pacific Talking Cure

"Independent urbanists, new-media theorists, social psychologists - call them what you will - the New Delhi trio Raqs Media Collective weave together poetic threads from multidisciplinary research into their lecture-performances, web platforms, films and installations."


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e-flux Earthworms Dancing

"Notes for a Biennial in Slow Motion"


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Art & Co. Change of Paradigm

"The global attention that contemporary Indian art has received in recent years has been fixed on the boom in the Indian art market."


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ArtReview Indian Highway

"Given the western artworld's current fixation with the emerging art scenes of China, India and the Middle East - both as new lures for the commercial art market and as pieces on the chessboard of cultural diplomacy - it would be easy to be cynical about the growing turnover of big group shows focusing on these increasingly active artistic hubs."


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Frieze Life in Film: Raqs Media Collective

"Films are like landmarks. memories of watching films together, watching them again after many years on the tiny screen on the back of an airplane seat, downloading them from a film-sharing website, sharing them arguing about them, learning from them, becoming enamoured of them or indifferent to them: these are the signposts in a continuing journey..."

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Art India Capital Spaces

"Meera Menezes takes stock of the changes in Delhi's gallery scene."


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Artforum Top Ten

"Raqs Media Collective"


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Art India Capital City Artists

"Working with an extended family of collaborators, the Raqs Media Collective has produced some of the more interesting and less predictable art to come of the Indian subcontinent in recent years..."

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ArtReview On the Map

"Seen as a cross between an anti-capitalist, counter-espionage unit and a hip hop posse, the collective as considerable cachet in the art world today. The Delhi-based Raqs Media Collective has recently been described by Okwui Enwezor, artistic director of Documenta 11, as 'a model of the artist intellectual'..."

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ArtIt iCon: India Contemporary

"Are you prepared to listen?"


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Flash Art How Latitudes Become Forms

"Permanence and change - uncomfortable poles between which artists, cultural producers, and art institutions have to migrate - are explored through gallery works, online projects, performances, and extensive catalogue texts for 'How Latitudes Become Forms: Art in a Global Age.'"


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Art Asia Pacific Raqs Media Collective

"The Raqs Media Collective marks a radical departure from the norms of mainstream contemporary Indian art, which is segregated by medium and style, and dominated by conventionally trained visual artists."


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Art India Net Culture: Between the Fast Lane and the Slow

"Nancy Adajania addresses the aesthetic and political questions thrown up by the emergence, in India, of a culture built around the Internet."


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Art India Opening Up the Centre, Archiving the Other

"Nancy Adajania analyses Documenta 11, which brought together 415 works by 180 artists from five continents, many of them from cultures previously not represented in mainstream global art."


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Art India Documenta 11: The Indian Entries

"Salvaging the SELF"


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Miscellaneous Collection of Reviews 2002-2003

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