Rashid Rana

Asian Art Rashid Rana

"Pakistani artist Rashid Rana is an artist's artist, working in the multiple mediums of video, photography and painting, Rana employs the very undoing of his medium as the pivotal point from which many of his works develop..."


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The News International Arts Across the Borders: A Series of Conversations

"Rashid Rana is such an acclaimed, and award-winning international artist that it seems
unfair to refer to him as belonging to one place..."


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Art Pulse A Place of Their Own

"South Asian-American Diaspora art in the United States has undergone a critical
ideological evolution not to mention a radical integration into the American context from the 1990s to the present day."


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Art in America Pakistan Report

"On the Verge"


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Art + Auction Sub Culture

"With 'The Audience and the Eavesdropper: New Art From India and Pakistan,' Phillips de Pury & Co. is spotlighting talent rarely seen outside the subcontinent."


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The Art Newspaper The Year Ahead - My Exhibition

"Contemporary Pakistani Art is an exciting opportunity to curate a show of the Poddar Collection..."

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Art India God is in the Details

"Rashid Rana looks deep into his photographs with Quddus Mirza."


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Art India Show Me the Money

"Quddus Mirza takes a moral position vis-a-vis the art market."


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Art India Looking for Value

"Art and money might be more closely connected than we ordinarily suppose; Laura Williams cogitates on what this implies for Contemporary Indian art."


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Art in America Rashid Rana at Nature Morte

"The globe-trooting Pakistani-artist Rashid Rana makes big photographs out of myriad little ones, combining them into striking images of the sort recently on display in the show "Reflected Looking" at Nature Morte..."

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ArtTactic Indian Contemporary Art

"The first ArtTactic India Confidence Survey shows significant level of optimism in the current Indian contemporary art market, and also in the short term outlook."


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Art India The Big Picture

"Meera Menezes steps up close to Rashid Rana's large-sized photographs and finds them teeming with tiny contradictions."


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ArtIndia The Big Picture

"Appearances are deceptive. This was amply demonstrated at Rashid Rana solo show, Reflected Looking. Held between the 17th of February and the 17th of March at Nature Morte, Delhi, it gave Rana a chance to conjure up images that shocked, bemused, provoked and disturbed..."

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Art Asia Pacific The Big Picture

"Impassioned Voices: Art As Social Commentary In Pakistan"


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Art India Between the Part and the Whole

"Kavita Singh is impressed by the subversive power of Pakistani artist Rashid Rana'a digitally composed works."


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Art in America The Cairo Effect

"During the 9th Cairo Biennale a striking contrast prevailed between the staid official event and several livelier satellite exhibition."


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ArtIndia The Art of Mastering the Negative

"A peculiar phenomenon has been taking place in recent Pakistani art in relation to the subject of 'gender'. The work of Rashid Rana, exhibited at the Zahoorul Akhlaq Gallery in Lahore deals with the issue of blurring make identity in art, particularly in the Pakistani cultural context..."

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Miscellaneous Collection of Rashid Rana Reviews 2004-2006

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