Sudhir Patwardhan

Art India Drawing from Life

"In 2008, Sudhir Patwardhan had two shows in Mumbai - Citing the City at Sakshi Gallery presented paintings and drawings while Crafting of Reality at The Guild Art Gallery featured drawings."


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Art & Co. Change of Paradigm

"The global attention that contemporary Indian art has received in recent years has been fixed on the boom in the Indian art market."


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Third Text

The Moral Economy of the Street: The Bombay Paintings of Gieve Patel and
Sudhir Patwardhan

Karin Zitzewitz

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The New York Times Gieve Patel and Sudhir Patwardhan

"New York may still be an international cultural center, but there is a wealth of art out there that it never, or seldom, sees."


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Art India A Living Museum

"Nuzhat Kazmi looks at a show of site-specific installations curated by Peter Nagy for the Museum of Fine Art, Punjab University, Chandigarh, where the artworks respond to the architectural features of the museum site, as well as to the competing art histories embedded in the museum collection."


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Art India A Designer Collection

"Chester Herwitz is one of the foremost collectors of contemporary Indian art. He talks to Girish Shahane about his collection, his pet peeves and his plans for housing his painting in a museum."


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