Satish Gupta

January 25 - February 12, 1997
New York

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January 1997, New York - Bose Pacia Modern gallery presents an exhibition of paintings by New Delhi artist Satish Gupta. The show will run from January 25 through February 12. The gallery is located at 580 Broadway, 2nd floor, in Soho. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 12-6 p.m. and by appointment. A reception with the artist will be held on Saturday, January 25 from 6-8 p.m.

Upon first glance of Satish's canvases, the viewer's vision is anchored on the eyes of his subjects. Once hooked, they act as a guide traversing the richly textured landscapes or the contours of the subject and in the process reveal the story of the desert, their story. Satish's romance with the desert dates back to his childhood trip through Thar desert in Rajasthan. Enchanted by the vastness of the desert, bathed in the transient light from dawn till dusk and intrigued by the rugged and joyous lives of it's inhabitants, Satish has captured those moments on his canvases. From the anguish of a Princess to the expectant eyes of a woman in the doorway, on exhibit are a series of recent canvases by the artist arresting the moods of the Rajasthani desert and it's life.

Satish Gupta lives and works in New Delhi. Born in 1947, he studied at the College of Art in Delhi and later in Paris on a scholarship. Also an accomplished poet and sculptor, his poems have been translated and printed in the prestigious Spanish magazine, "Marina d'Art" and a book of his haiku poems, "The Broken Wave" was published in 1985. Among his various works adorning public spaces is a 260 ft long mural greeting the visitors at the International airport in Delhi. Having exhibited extensively in India and abroad, his work is held in numerous private and public collections throughout the world.