Gauri Gill

The Americans
January 9 - February 7, 2009
New York

American Quarterly Viewing South Asia, Seeing America: Gauri Gill's "The Americans"

American Quarterly Volume 62, Number 1 (March 2010)

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Khabar magazine Our Stories in Stills

"When you look at Guari Gill's images in her touring collection The Americans, it sometimes feels as if you're gazing into a mirror and seeing a reflection of yourself. Indeed, there will be few immigrants who do not see a piece of themselves, a bit of their story echoed in her photographs."

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Ego Magazine The Americans

"For Gauri the shooting of family photographs morphed over a period of seven years to include the broader community, from the hinterlands to larger desi enclaves. Her use of symbolism, silhouettes and reflections is a visual journey rooted in 'creating a space for immigrants'.."

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