Aakash Nihalani

November 4 - December 18, 2010
New York

The L Magazine 10 Best "Fancy" Manhattan Shows in Brooklyn

"One day we won't have to trek to Chelsea, Midtown, the Upper or Lower East Side to see the biggest, glossiest gallery shows of the year. Judging by the number of glitzy, "Manhattan-style" exhibitions we visited without even leaving our borough this year, that day might come sooner than you think."


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NYCgo The Art Of The Holidays

"Here's a little secret: the holidays are a great time to visit one of New York's museums or galleries. Think of them as your end-of-year pick-me-ups, your oases among the hustle and bustle, where the most wonderful time of the year includes more than shopping—although you can certainly do that, too."


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Arrested Motion Openings: Aakash Nihalani - “Overlap” @ Bose Pacia

"A couple weeks ago, Aakash Nihalani’s geometric forms took over the Bose Pacia space in New York."


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Artlog Artlog's Top Art & Culture Picks

"With Art Basel Miami only two weeks away, Artlog is kicking off the festivities with our annual Pre-Miami Collectors Party on Thursday, November 18 at the Chelsea Museum."


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WNYC This Week: Must See Arts in the City

"Three years ago, Nihalani caught the attention of street art gazers in New York with his illicitly-installed geometric abstractions constructed entirely out of brightly-colored tape."


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Associated Content Vinegar Hill Art Gallery to Host Street Artist Exhibit

"Brooklyn street artist Aakash Nihalani is taking over the Bose Pacia art gallery at 163 Plymouth Street in Vinegar Hill."


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Village Voice Q & A

Brooklyn Artist Aakash Nihalani Talks Designing Mixtape Covers For Das Racist and His New Show, Overlap, Opening at Bose Pacia This Thursday

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Nylon Guys Getting neon with Aakash Nihalani

"When cubes made of neon masking tape started appearing all over New York City in 2007, conspiracies abounded."


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Associated Content The Geometric Poetry of Aakash Nihalani in Vinegar Hill

"Aakash Nihalani is an artist like no other, creating new dimensions with negative space utilizing a brightly colored version of the kind of tape that NYPD forensic specialists use to mark victims positions at homicide scenes."


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The Art Street Journal

"Aakash Nihalani sent me a preview of the new works for Overlap, his upcoming solo exhibition at Bose Pacia in New York."


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The L Magazine Brooklyn Street Artist Aakash Nihalani Rides Koons Balloon Dog

"Long-time L Mag fixation Aakash Nihalani, the tape artist whose bright geometric forms you've likely seen on streets all around Brooklyn, is prepping an exhibition next month at Bose Pacia in Dumbo."


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